About Us


Because I'm a coffee roaster and I want more people drinking my coffee.

Why $10? Because it's a fair price for a 10 oz. bag of Specialty-Grade, Roaster-Fresh, Hand-Packed, Home-Delivery coffee.

Grocery store coffee is at least a few weeks old when you get it. That's no good.

Upscale coffee roasters are charging $20-30 for a pound of coffee. That's no good either.

Everyone loves great coffee, but great quality coffee shouldn't break the bank.

We're roasting 100% Specialty Grade coffees. The best of the best. We're shipping it the next day, directly from our roastery. As fresh as it gets.

$10 per 10 oz. bag. It's what I would want as a customer. It's what I'm offering as a roaster.

But really, why $10 Coffee?

It started one fine day at the grocery store. I don't grocery shop very often and our coffee is not sold in grocery stores (most of what we roast goes to restaurants and office coffee services)

Anyway, I stopped to check out the coffee aisle. I was shocked how expensive the coffee was - and I'm in the coffee business!

So, I decided to offer our great coffees to the world, one bag at a time, at a great price. My little part to help make the world a better place.

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